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UCC helps people deal with life's stressors.

Welcome to Untitled Christian Counseling

We provide professional and compassionate care to children, adolescents, families, couples and individuals.


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Meet Haronepthia

Certified Christian Counselor & Author

Welcome To Your Journey!

The Journey to discover your true self is personal, and for most women, undefined. Life has a way of showing you who you are...if you listen. The voice of God is always speaking to you, but you must listen and search within to find answers. Your journey is Untitled, until you name it. Explore your life and become acquainted with the you God intended you to be.

Be careful not to build an alter at the place of pain, disappointment, anger, and unforgiveness, and remain there for the rest of your life; limiting your journey.

Doing this allows someone else to tell you who you are. Take your POWER back and determine the adventures of your own journey.


What We Specialize In

Marriage Counseling

Family Counseling

One on One Counseling

Tapping & Interactive Therapy

Mentorship and Prayer Leader

Doing this allows someone else to tell you who you are. Take your POWER back and determine the adventures of your own journey.

“The tears was rolling and healing and restoration took place. Ms. Cameron have a special, sweet gift that speaks directly to root, cause and need for marriages. There’s a calmness in her voice that let’s you know that you are in a safe place and it’s okay to release” 

- Glenda Allen

"Through God, Sister Cameron literally helped saved our marriage. She has been a blessing to me and my family. I found her counseling sessions to be a vital part of our marriage success."

- D. Lofton

“I have a lot more patience.  I have seen a huge change in my husband as well.  He is so much more loving and attentive.  I let him know that his change is for the better and it does not go unnoticed.  We go on dates again.   It feels so good to be pursued by the man I love.  My husband has become my boyfriend, my husband, and my best friend."

- Brangela West


      Many things fueled my development as a young person. I started out with a very close relationship with my father, and I knew I was the apple of his eye. Every day when he came home from work I insisted on sitting on his knew to eat with him. It seemed as if the food just tasted better because it came from his plate. I wasn’t hungry for food, but I was hungry for Daddy’s attention, and I needed it replenished every day. I looked forward to it. I was daddy’s little girl, and I believed I was more special than anyone else in our home. I was in my own world which is what little girls should experience with their fathers. The introduction of alcohol in my family soon changed this, which eventually stalled my emotional development and led to my emotional needs going unattended.

      Humans are born with the need to feel loved, accepted, and valued. When this need is unmet, children learn to survive without it. Survival, however, is not the same as success. Despite being able to function without the emotional foundation necessary to live a fulfilling life, those needs still exist, often buried deep inside. The needs do not go away.



      Your story may be different, but it is likely seeds were planted throughout your life that threaten the abundant life God promised you. Now is the time to confront those past experiences and to dig out the roots that have frown into fear, insecurity, uncertainty, hopelessness.  Being unaware of the issues that lurk beneath the surface can lead to a frustrated and unfulfilled life.

      This book will introduce you to some of the roots that may be lurking beneath the surface of your life that prevent you from moving forward in your purpose. This is an exciting journey in which you are the voyager. Use this book as a navigator as you discover the title for your journey.

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